Prof. Dr. Joannis K. Kallitsis, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgios Bokias and Dr. Valadoula Deimede are Guest Editors of the Special Issue of Polymers


Special Issue "Hybrid Polymeric Materials"


Prof. Dr. Joannis K. Kallitsis, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgios Bokias and Dr. Valadoula Deimede are Guest Editors of the Special Issue of Polymers (ISSN 2073-4360) dedicated to the synthesis, characterization and application of these emerging classes of materials and, more specifically, to functional polymers/carbon-based nanostructures such as fullerene, carbon nanotubes and graphene, polymer–metal or metal oxide nanoparticles, and finally polymeric metallocomplexes.


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