Efstathia Koulouri


Phone: +302610997289-157
Fax: +302610997118
Email: ekoulouriatupatras.gr


Dr. Efstathia Koulouri studied Chemistry at the Chemistry Department of University of Patras (1994). In 1998 she received her PhD in Polymer Science and Technology from the University of Patras supervised by Prof. Ioannis Kallitsis (Reactive blending of Polymers using Copolymers with functional groups). In the period 30/9/97 - 16/1/98 she worked as researcher in the University of Groningen, Netherlands. She has conducted postdoctoral work at the Chemistry Department and at the Department of Materials Science of the University of Patras working in research programs and operational programmes for education and initial vocational training. She is the author of 9 journal articles in refereed journals, 1 book chapter and 11 conference presentations (peered reviewed) and has 163 citations (excluding self citations). Since 18/12/01 she is responsible for teaching analytical laboratory exercises (qualitative and quantitative analytical chemistry) to first and second year undergraduate chemistry students and has been involved in the coordination of the internship program of the fourth year students.