Granted Patents:

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Patents’ applications:

  1. “Crosslinked or Non-Crosslinked Aromatic Copolymeric Proton Conductive Electrolytes for Applications in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells” Pending Greek Patent, Appl. No. 20110100058/07.02.2011.
  2. “Development of Porous Separators based on Blends of Aromatic Polyethers with Water Soluble Polymers and their Use in Lithium Ion Batteries” C. Elmasides, A. Voege, V. Deimede, G. Lainioti, J. K. Kallitsis, Greek patent application, June 2012.
  3. “Crosslinked or Non-Crosslinked Aromatic (Co)Polymers as Proton Conductors for use in High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells” Pending US Patent, Appl. No. 13367855/02.07.2012.


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