Faculty Members

Prof. Kalfoglou Nikos

Ass. Prof. Gravalos Konstantinos

Mrs Sotiropoulou Dionysia MSc 


Graduate Students


Dr. Aivali Stefania (current position: Post-Doctoral Researcher AT Laboratory of electroactive and photoactive polymers Laval University)

MSc Alexopoulou Panagiota  (current position:  Beautylab, Athens, Greece

MSc Asithianakis Petros (current position:  Kriton Artos, Heraklion Crete, Greece)

MSc Athanasopoulou Aikaterini  (current position: R&D Deploy Department at Elais-Unilever, Athens, Greece)




Mr Boussios Thomas



MSc Charalampopoulos Christos  (current position: Product Quality Control in Mani Foods S.A, Kalamata, Greece

MSc Charalampopoulos Giorgos 

Dr. Chochos Christos  (current position: Associate Researcher, Institute of Chemical Biology, NHRF, Greece)

MSc Chouliaras Athanasios  

Christopoulos Konstantinos  (current position: Pharmathen, Greece)



MSc Daktiloudis Aris

Dr. Daletou Maria (current position: Principal Reasercher at ICE/HT-FORTH, Greece

Dr. Drakos Georgios  (current position: Senior Researcher at Demo S.A.Athens, Greece)




Dr. Economopoulos Solon (current position: Professor, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway)



MSc Galiatsatos Dimitris (current position: Quality Assurance & Product Manager at SPANELAS S.A., Athens, Greece)

Dr. Geormezi Maria (current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Paul Scherrer Institut, Zürich Area, Switzerland)

Dr. Giannopoulos Panagiotis (current position: Regulatory Affairs Officer, Anfarm Hellas SA, Athens, Greece

Dr. Gourdoupi Nora (current position: R&D Manager at Advent Technologies S.A.)



Ioannidi Alkistis  



Dr. Kakali Photini

Dr. Kakogianni Sofia (current position:  Beautylab, Athens, Greece)

Dr. Kallitsis Konstantinos 

Dr. Karamitrou Melpo (current position: Megara Resins Anastassios Fanis S.A., Athens-Corinth, Greece) 

Dr. Koklas Stathis (current position: Hellenic Defence Systems S.A., Greece)

Dr. Koromilas Nikos 

MSc Koukoumtzis Vasilis (current position: FAMAR ABEEAthens, Greece)

Dr. Koulouri Efstathia (current position: Special Teaching Staff, Chemistry Department, University of Patras, Greece)

Dr. Kourkouli Sousana (current position:  High School Professor)




Lainioti Georgia (current position: Special Teaching Staff ,Department of Business Administration of Food and Argicultural Enterprises, University of Patras, Greece)

MSc Lempotesis Konstantinos (current position: R & D Chemist at CBL Patras, Patras, Greece)

Loukopoulou Paraskevi



Makrygianni Maria

MSc Manousou Athina 

Mr Merziotis Agamemnon (current position: Operational Excellence Supervisor at Genepharm S.A., Athens, Greece)

Dr. Morfopoulou Christina  (current position: Product Manager and Hazardous Materials Manager at Mercedes - Benz AGGermany)

MSc Moutsi Afroditi

MSc Moutsiopoulou Aggeliki (current position: Research analyst στο Leiden University medical centre (LUMC))



MSc Nannou Rafaela  

MSc Nikolopoulos Giorgos  (current position: Third Party Quality Management Documentation Officer at Pharmathen S.A. Athens, Greece)




Dr. Oikonomou Evdokia  (current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes ComplexesUniversité Paris-Diderot, Paris, France)



Dr. Papadimitriou Konstantinia  (current position: Project manager at AdMiRIS P.C. Athens, Greece)

Dr. Papadopoulou Christina

MSc Papadopoulou Chrystala

MSc Papakonstantinou Pileas

MSc Papakonstantopoulou Dionysia

Dr. Pefkianakis Eleftherios (current position: N.C.S.R. 'Demokritos')




MSc Riala Penny




MSc Saranti-Karamesini Denise  (current position: R&D Chemist at DuPont Transportation & Industrial, Switzerland)

MSc Simitzi Konstantina  (current position: Assistant perfumer and laboratory manager in Givaudan Ibérica, S. A. Sant Celoni, Barcelona, Spain)

Dr. Skafidas Dimitrios

Stavrianou Eirini  

Dr. Stefopoulos Andreas (current position: Senior Researcher at Pharmaten SA, Athens, Greece)

MSc Stouraitou Danae

MSc Stratidakis Antonios



Dimitra Theoni

Dr. Thivaios Ioannis  (current position: Ar C Laboratories, Athens, Greece

MSc Tsagdh Artemis (current position: DEMO S.A., Athens, Greece

MSc Tsakaraki Dafnianna  (current position: Product Quality Control - Non-food private label category in Sklavenitis S.A., Athens, Greece

MSc Tsimpouki Loukia  (current position: Quality Control Officer in Qualimetrix S.A., Athens, Greece)

Dr. Tsolakis Panagiotis (current position: Chemical Lab Supervisor at MIRTEC S.A., Greece)

Dr. Tzanetos Nikolaos (current position: Sales Department, EKO ABEE, Greece)





Vlachou Eirini 

MSc Voege Andrea  

MSc Vollas Aristofanis  (current position: Research and Development Chemist at ΕΒΕΤΑΜ Α.Ε. (MIRTEC S.A.), Volos,Greece)

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