Polymeric Materials with Biocidal Action

  • Requirements that must be fulfilled by Polymeric biocidal materials:
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Non-toxic
    • Economically viable
    • Antifouling & antimicrobial activity to a broad range of pathogenic microorganisms
    • Longevity of their action
  • Synthetic Methods
  • Incorporation of antimicrobial agents to performed polymers
  • Synthesis of antimicrobial monomers & subsequent polymerization


  • Introduction of biocidal agents in polymeric materials
    • Introduction through electrostatic interactions (temporary binding)
    • Introduction through covalent attachment (permanent binding)


  • Action of the antimicrobial polymeric materials
  • Controlled release of antimicrobial agents
  • Destruction of bacteria immediately on contact


Functional Polymeric Materials with Permanent and/or Controlled Released Biocidal Species

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