Development of Polymeric Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

Polymer Electrolyte Membranes based on aromatic polyethers bearing flexible PEO side groups of different length



Arrhenius plots of PEO-based polymer electrolyte () and separator (¾) doped with liquid electrolyte 1M LiFP6/EC-DMC. Data are fitted using the Arrhenius equation (solid lines).


Relevant Publications:

  • “Synthesis and properties of aromatic polyethers containing poly(ethylene oxide) side chains as polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries”A. Voege, V. Deimede*, F. Paloukis, S. Neophytides, J. K. Kallitsis, submitted 2013.



Polymeric porous separators based on blends of aromatic polyethers with PEO


Performance of LiFePO4/C cells using III/PEO based separator (the porous structure of the separator is given as an inset).


Relevant Publications:

  •  Lithium Ion Battery Separators Based on Blends of Aromatic Polyethers with PEO” V. Deimede*, A.Vöge, G. Lainioti, C. Elmasides, J. K. Kallitsis, submitted 2013.


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