Requirements for LEP layer to achieve a high-performance OLED:


i) color purity, determined by the polymer bandgap and film morphology,

ii) matching of ionization potentials & electron affinities between LEP and the electrode materials,

iii) high photo-luminescence quantum efficiency,

iv) chemical & thermal stability,

v) high processability (solubility, solution viscosity, solvent-substrate compatibility).




















Light emitting mechanism from an OLED device




Polymers for LEDs

Polyethers containing 9,10-distyrylanthracene

Absorption and emission spectra in solid state

m= 7 solid line

m= 12 dashed line


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Polymers for LEDs

Synthesis of copolymer Complexes tris-bi-pyridine Ru(II)


E.K. Pefkianakis, N.P. Tzanetos and J.K. Kallitsis Chemistry of Materials 2008, 20, 6254–6262


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