Journal: Polymers

Special Issue: Hybrid Polymeric Materials II

Special Issue Editors: Prof. Joannis Kallitsis, Dr. Aikaterini K. Andreopoulou

Deadline: 30 September 2020


Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the edition of the Special Issue on Hybrid Polymeric Materials II”. Combining synthetic organic polymers with inorganic materials, carbon nanostructures or nanoparticles at a molecular or a submicroscopic level gives rise to a unique class of materials namely the Hybrid Polymeric Materials. Multifaceted and with endless combinations, hybrid polymers take advantage of each component’s properties and special characteristics or even lead to new advantageous features otherwise not found in the constituting materials.

Hybrid polymeric materials represent a wide, rapidly growing research area targeting applications such as organic electronics, bioelectronics, energy conservation and production systems, diagnostics-imaging and sensing, to mention just a few.

This Special Issue, the second under this topic, aims to present recent trends and scientific results of modern polymer hybrids being devoted to the development up to the application of these fruitful materials. More specifically, functionalized polymers covalently attached to- or in close proximity and association using extended π-π stacking with- carbon nanostructures (such as fullerene, carbon nanotubes and graphene); polymeric metallocomplexes with transition metal ions, inorganic nanoparticles interconnected with polymeric entities, metal nanoparticles attached onto or associated to properly functionalized polymeric chain, etc are some of the subclasses of “Hybrid Polymeric Materials II” comprising this specially devoted issue.

We are looking forward to your valuable contribution in order to build together a successful issue that will give to the readers the state of the art activities and the future perspectives in the topic.



  • Fullerene–polymer hybrids
  • carbon nanotube–polymer hybrids
  • graphene–polymer hybrid
  • metallic nanoparticle–polymer hybrids
  • metaloxide–polymer hybrids
  • polymer-transition metal complexes
  • inorganic nanoparticles-polymer hybrids
  • magnetic nanoparticles - polymer hybrids
  • catalyst/nanocatalyst-polymer hybrids
  • carbon nanodots polymer hybrids


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